Terms and conditions


1.A These terms and conditions apply for ordering products from Vivaly.

1.b Conditions, applicable to the products offered on the website, are indicated below. By submitting your order, you accept these conditions

1.c Vivaly reserves the right to change the terms at any time without further notice. Such changes, however, will not apply to orders submitted before the amended terms were published on the website.

1.d Vivaly is located in Lithuania and relate to Lithuanian consumer legislation. This includes refund and warranty.

1.e If you have questions or comments about the conditions, return of items or refund policy, please contact:

Email: support@vivaly.net


2.a The order is placed online via our website

2.b All items are delivered by availability. It will not be possible to order products that are out of stock. If a fault in the system happen to appear, we will contact you as soon as possible on email or phone about the product availability.

2.c We do our best to have product photos updated on our website. Some differences may still occur between a photo and the actual product.


3.a Vivaly deliver items as soon as possible after payment has been made and is visible on a Vivaly's account.

3.b If a quantity placed in an ordered cannot be provided at the moment, we commit to notify customer as soon as possible and he/she can then decide whether to cancel the order or wait for us to get it in stock.

3.c Vivaly has a right to make a partial delivery. If this occurs, no extra cost is applied to the customer.

3.d If delivery is not possible within 15 days after the order, customer is entitled to cancel his/her order.


4.a All prices are specified in EUR, including VAT. Possible shipping costs may apply.


5.a Customer can pay for the products at any time with payment methods available on our website.

5.b Vivaly applies secure online payment using an external provider, to ensure that payment always has the highest security level. All information is automatically encrypted when entering.

5.c Payments are deducted when the order is packed and ready for shipment.


6.a We follow a 14 day return policy according to European Union Consumer Law. This is the deadline agreed to report to the vendor about a wish to return items. After reporting, customer has 15 days to return items. It is a sufficient period for the customer to deliver items to a post office before the deadline. To ensure having delivered on time, customer can, for example, save receipts of freight from the post office.

Unless agreed otherwise, the returning care is paid by the customer. Using withdrawal, originally deducted amount will be returned to a customer’s account when the return shipment is received and verified by us.

6.b. Whenever payment is made, we refund it promptly, but not later than 14 days from receipt of the returned item. We pay back, however, only the original amount received, and not delivery charges in connection with the return of the product, unless agreed otherwise.

6.c Product must be in such condition that it can be sold again. For example, product must not have been used and packages must not be damaged.

Under all circumstances, customer should ensure that the product is returned to us in an appropriate condition.

6.d Complaint due to defective product, within a reasonable time after you discovered the defect, is sent to our email address, listed under Section 1.e

6.e After complaint is justified, you can request for:

  1. Repair of fault / deficiency
  2. Delivery of a substitute, if this is possible and will not subject vendor excessive costs.
  3. If Vivaly cannot repair the product or deliver a replacement, you can cancel the order or ask for a reimbursement.


7.a Vivaly takes no responsibility for claims made as a result of:

  1. a) Improper use of the product
  2. b) Use in combination with other products which are not intended by manufacturer.

The customer is aware that improper storage may ruin the product. Vendor takes no responsibility for this.

The customer is also aware that improper use can pose risks

7.b Customer is acquainted with the fact that the body oil is not intended for drinking. Oils are meant for external use only.

7.c Customer is aware that some products have a limited shelf life / duration, and that they degrade / lose their functionality in use, and therefore must be replaced. Proper storage can prolong life of a product considerably. Such conditions are not a responsibility of the vendor.


Vivaly is not liable for errors or delays in the delivery of the order, if and to the extent such failure or delay is directly or indirectly caused by circumstances which are beyond Vivaly's control.